Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back from Malaysia

So this is my first message! I've just been around Malaysia for the past 3 weeks and had an awesome time. These few weeks have gone by incredibly quickly, and at the same time I've had the impression of living to the fullest, as if I had spent not 3 weeks but 3 months there. The places I've seen, and on top of it the people I've met have made this trip really amazing, something to remember aftersuch a long while not travelling very far.
My first impression when I came back home, after 18 hours of travelling - plane + train etc - was a one of closing a loop.
When I first arrived in Kuala Lumpur, after the same tiring trip from Paris, I set myself to sleep in a hostel, and even if I was exhausted I couldn't find my sleep because of the noise. Street noise from the cars, people walking down the streets in this lively area of Bukit Bintang, the expat and "rue de la soif" area of KL. I finally managed myself to sleep by fitting in the earplugs from the plane.
And 3 weeks later, here I am setting myself to sleep in my own bed, appreciating the comfort of a real mattress and warm cover I haven't much enjoyed in the past weeks. And before falling asleep I find myself somehow disturbed by the silence around me... After such a short time in Malaysia I've actually got used to sleeping in noisy areas, hearing the cars or planes or trains from outside, not mentioning the neighbours or party downstairs. And I didn't record it to set myself to sleep :)

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  1. Well now that is just awesome... Florie we can do noise when you sleep without waking you!!! I'll make sure I let Thibault know about this so he trials it when you stay at "home-home" =D.
    I'm glad your trip was awesome and I love the tattoos! Keep some hennae for me for when I come back.
    On other news on my side of the world, I got an interview for where i wanna do my internship and I also got awarded something from the university but i don't know what yet, I'll find out on Sept 3rd so I'll keep you posted!
    Love you lots big sis and enjoy the quietness of your room!