Monday, April 22, 2013

Back to basics

This morning I took a cab to the airport, and as the car was flying through the empty streets of Paris, I remembered all these times when I took my bags and travelled to another part of the world. Several times to Asia, and this time to another new place for me, New York City… There’s this moment when you’ve got all your stuff with you, you’re not off yet but you’re already travelling, this moment is full of expectations and makes my heart beats a little bit faster. I’m feeling alive now, more than before, because I know that things that I’m not expecting will happen, I will meet new people, see new faces, exchange smiles around a drink and stories from the other side of the world. So when I’m in the car going to the airport, it’s the expectation of all of this happening that overcomes the fright of travelling on my own to an unknown place, and I feel the beat of my heart thumping in pace with the world outside. I feel alive, it’s my time, and it’s now.

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